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Incentive Travel

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Boat Party
Training Room
Corporate Social Responsibility
Relaxation Time

What We Do

We are Committed to Your Success!

VivaLife Travel, LLC SERVICES for Incentive Travel include:

Design Incentive Trip Facility Needs

Site Selection, Coordination & Negotiations

Coordinate Speakers & Performers

Internal Marketing, Reminders & Agendas to Team - Customized for Your Company

Event Registration

Participant Gift Selection &  Organization

Transportation Services

Tours & Excursion Organization

 On-Site Support 

Food & Beverage Planning

Post-Event Surveys

By working and traveling together your team can grow in ways that promotes employee satisfaction, customer experience improvement and increased revenue.

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What the Research Shows

Research studies conducted by IMA groups have concluded that incentives can:

Increase Productivity

Boost Moral

Enhance Quality

Foster Teamwork

Decrease Absenteeism

Improve Work Habits

Reward Loyalty

Attract & Retain Quality Employees

Engage Participants

How We Do It

Initial Overview and Planning

Initial Communication to get to know one another, which may include:  identify corporate culture, discuss goals for the group and identify target attendees, highlight motivational incentives for the target group, identify key benchmark requirements for the event, form overall strategy, structure timeline,  identify budget parameters.

Vendor Negotiation and Management

Identify destinations, venues and vendors to meet incentive travel and event needs.   Present options, obtain quotes, negotiate terms, coordinate final contracts, book accommodations and travel, track status and provide updates.  Primary communication for vendors, so there is only one point of contact to manage the entire event.

Internal Promotions and Communication

In House incentive travel and event promotion with target group, through email campaigns, promotional items, itinerary presentation.  Interactive and engaging communications.  Options also include announcement meeting or cocktail hour, promotional video, contest organization to win additional at event prizes (ie, spa, golf), prepare information for invited family members of group.

Pre-Event Management and Attendee Organization

Agenda preparation, meeting planning, book travel, manage unique needs of attendees, coordinate attendee trip extensions and add-ons, provide status information and pre-trip event walk-through.

Post-Event Wrap Up and Survey

Post-event surveys for all attendees structured to gather the information desired by the company from the group regarding the goals, as well as information regarding the incentive travel and event itself.   Follow up meeting to review results and identify opportunities.  Feedback is the key to future success.